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One of the earliest decisions made at NRB Co. was to release all of our proprietary code and software as open-source. Most modern coding languages, let alone code repositories, are made possible only because of open-source solutions. We approach coding and software design upon the same premise as Isaac Newton: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” (1675). Without pioneers in technology to have paved the way to today’s capabilities, none of what we do at NRB Co. would be possible.

Accordingly, we resolve as a company to—whenever possible—release our full code projects as open-source projects under the MIT License. This allows other content creators as much freedom as possible in utilizing our achievements as the foundations and stepping-stones (the “shoulders”) for their own innovations. The only code we ever write that is not made accessible to the public is custom-tailored solutions, as the code underpinning those systems remain the intellectual property of those who commissioned the code, on top of posing security risks for back-door or reverse-engineered manipulation. Most of the time (with custom projects), we write a base library—on our own time—to handle the core functionality, such as PyMacApp. Then, we use this open-source software (that we own) to develop our clients’ projects; they pay for what goes on-top of the open-source components. This allows us to contribute to the open-source community as much as possible.

You can view all of our projects on GitHub.

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