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NRB Co. provides a variety of services to its clients. Read more about these services below… and if you’re interested—contact us!

Website, Software, & Infrastructure Design

Whether you need a WordPress website updated or designed from scratch, we’re here for you! Our design solutions range from WordPress to 100% custom code (usually in Python, but also Java, JavaScript, and C++). We can build GUIs to help your customers (or your employees) more accurately and efficiently interact with your company. Additionally, we offer consulting services to help you break down your difficult technology dilemmas into manageable steps and interacting pieces, taking over whenever and wherever you need us to.

Pricing. We offer on-demand consulting beginning at $100 per hour, but offer discounted rates as low as $50 per hour when you contract directly with us. Additionally, we offer emergency consulting (rapid demand and deployment, for when crises strike) beginning at $200 per hour.

IaaS—Infrastructure as a Service

Hosting web-apps and internet-facing services is both challenging and tricky. Publicly accessible platforms are exposed to all sorts of security risks, from (D)Dos, malware, ransomware, and other data breaches. Connectivity is highly dependent on your Internet Service Provider (ISP), which often limits the 99% uptime guarantees to plans beyond the reach of average consumers. Servers and physical firewalls are a massive up-front investment that most personal and small-business clients cannot afford, and are infrastructure that is time-consuming and cumbersome for small-to-medium-sized businesses to managed.

One of our core services is Infrastructure-as-a-Service. We provide Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to host any and all of your global-internet-facing products in a safe and secure platform. As your service grows, so too will the resource-demands it needs to quickly and reliably serve content to your end-users. By using VPSs, we can instantly allocate and deploy additional resources to your VPS, providing added capacity without any of the hassle of changing-out hardware or registering new hardware components operating systems. Additionally, our ISP is rated at a 99% or greater up-time guarantee, giving you the peace-of-mind that your services will be available around the clock.

To accomplish all of this, we utilize state-of-the-art security devices and features to secure your applications and your data. Due to the nature of vulnerability management, we do not publicly discuss how we protect your data, as this information can be used by malicious actors to ‘reverse engineer’ access behind or around our infrastructure—but we are happy to share these details in one-on-one consultations; to learn more about how we protect your data, contact us.

Pricing. To host a simple website, our rate and terms begin at $15.00 a month (when you pay annually). While we customize each hosting agreement to best reflect the needs and demands of each individual website or web service, you can view a sample website hosting agreement here.

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